Indonesia Bootcamp Bargue Drawing With Nelson Ferreira

Art and Design Department proudly presents
Bargue Drawing Bootcamp!

Drawing as one of the foundation of all art technique has evolved for many centuries. But in its evolution, the basic and original Bargue drawing technique is still applicable as a primary base for all art style. The Bargue Drawing method emphasizes copying the references as perfectly as possible. This teaches artists to see distances, lengths and angles as well as some seeing and depicting the light. The references are gorgeous and build up skills in a logical way.

This year, Art and Design Department collaborates with Nelson Ferreira – one of most influential teaching artist in Industrial Light and Magic – A Walt Disney siste-company in UK, and has arranged many Bargue Drawing sessions. He creates the highest standards of original Bargue courses online, and now is accessible for students.
The Bootcamp consisting of short course, co-teaching, and exhibition. 

The classes and the drawings will be exhibited for everyone to see every day between 09.00 – 14:30 WIB (UTC+7), starting February 6th until February 27th, 2023.

Well then, see you in open classes!

For further information, please do not hesitate to ask us questions through our contact below.

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